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Invoking Spells

*To invoke a faery*


Faery Call

Faerie children come and play brightest blessings to the Fae come and worship bless this rite Celebrate with us tonight.

*Invoking the Elements*

Author Unknown

Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Elements of astral birth, I call you now; attend to me! In the Circle, rightly cast, Safe from curse or blast, I call you now, attend to me! From cave and desert,sea and hill, By wand, blade,and pentacle, I call you now, attend to me! This Is my will, so mote it be!

*Invoking the Elements #2*


Come to me Air, so cool and clear My words come with ease and also no fear Give me sharp mental focus, creativity too So that positive ends spring from all that I do.

Come to me Fire, brilliant and bright Give me strength and forthrightness all through my life. Warm me with truth and power to set right Whatever is wrong through love and its light.

Come to me Water, silky and free Compassion and empathy now give to me For soothing life's troubles, both mine and my friends' Understanding and peace from your rivers you send.

Come to me Earth, plants, animals and gold Allow me to grow with the grace of a doe. Serene and content, with reverence for all Give me purpose, stability, and the will to stand tall.

Come to me, Akasha, my spirit transform By all the elements, Your blessing perform. Help me to balance all I receive So that this Witch's life says to all, Blessed Be!

*Calling the Winds*

J. Sert

Whistle thrice in the direction of east. Stand after whistling and intone in a strong voice:

Wind, power of air! Come forth to this day! Blow out the old and whisk in the new. Let me call the winds, the winds of change!

*Invoking the mother*


Mother Goddess, jewel of night, lady moon, arise tonight. Protect me in this sacred rite, perform to honor your glorious light.

Your silvery light graces the land shining fair on sea and sand, light amonst the heavens grand, is ever changing in your hand.

Fair be the light on forest and fields fair be the light upon the hills, fair be the light that over me spills for fair are the deeds thy light reveals.

Blessed maiden, mother, crone, I honor your earth I walk upon. Ever mindful of ones before me gone I know I never walk alone.

Mother of guidance, bringer of light, protect me in this sacred rite, I call thee now attend to me this is my will so mote it be


Book of Shadows